Shiv blasts Stanford

Cricinfo Shivnarine Chanderpaul believes the Indian Premier League has a far superior foundation to Allen Stanford’s 2020 in the Caribbean.

Chanderpaul, representing Bangalore also said that more West Indian players need to be brought over to foster interest back home.

“The IPL is much better organised than Stanford 20/20,’ the West Indies batsman said. ‘Stanford 20/20 is not paying anything (as much as the IPL). IPL is actually recognising the players and paying them.

‘Without players, the sport cannot go on. This is a lot bigger with more international variety at the highest level.”

Chanderpaul strongly advised more West Indian representation in the IPL. “You need people from everywhere. And to get the West Indian public more interested, you need these players out here and want them to be playing.

‘Right now, the West Indian public is not paying much attention to IPL. Even though they have a few players here, not all are playing.”

Chanderpaul, who has played just two games for Bangalore, felt it was “strange” to be sitting on the bench.

“I have been actually out to play cricket and am sitting out. This is happening after a decade,” he said. “You still have guys who have not played. One has to understand that everyone will have to get an opportunity.”

Though Bangalore have struggled to gain momentum, Chanderpaul said he was enjoying his time.