Below par Scott is still too fast

Scott Brittain ran another sizzling race on Monday night to remain unbeaten on the island since he arrived here last summer.

Brittain, 32, took the lead from the start in the 5k Cinco De Mayo race from Grand Harbour to win in another fast time.

‘This one was pretty tough even though I had a comfortable cushion there,’ said Brittain.

‘I’ve been a little bit sick the last few weeks so haven’t been doing a hell of a lot of running. I thought it would be good just as a hard run because I haven’t had one in training. It was good to get out and stretch my legs.

‘My time was exactly 15-and-a-half minutes. Spot on. I’m a bit doubtful as to whether it was 5k. I don’t think I’m in that shape at the moment. I think Jerry Harper’s going to go and re-measure it. I’m not complaining if it was short though.’

Brittain will run again in a couple of weeks. The beer loving Aussie claimed that he was off to dinner and an early night.

Second placed was Mark Browne. The Irishman has been on the island a couple of years but only started running competitively a couple of weeks ago.

He plays touch rugby and gaelic football here. He thinks his finishing time was 18 minutes and 1 second.

‘It was a great event, well organised and a very enjoyable race,’ said Browne. ‘I prefer events in the evening. The early morning starts don’t suit me. This is a much better time, after work rather than early in the mornings.’

Marlene West was fourth overall and first woman home. ‘I have no idea what my time was because as usual, when I finished I forgot to stop my watch.

She was barely sweating at the finish. Did she really run the full 5k? ‘Well, you know, I have the trick routeā€¦. I did, I really did. Plus, I’m wearing black so it hides the sweat.’

West is part of the squash squad aiming for the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

‘Right now we’re just laying the base for then. This year my goal is the triathlon. Normally, I’ll do a long run by myself during the week so when you have events like this that are short and quick it’s good to get that in as well.

‘Because if you do long runs all the time you’re just training yourself to do long but slow runs. Not necessarily training yourself to get that quick boost you may need.’

Caroline Chaloner, like West, is a regular runner and squash player. She was second woman home.

‘Tonight was hard. Running that short distance is always going to be hard. I was expecting to do under seven minute miles which is tough. It was good fun, I enjoyed running with other people.’