Deep down, you want to be at Inner Space

The world’s largest Closed Circuit Rebreather event is coming to Grand Cayman again from 17 to 24 May, marking the fifth anniversary of Inner Space.

Inner Space

Inner Space takes place 17-24 May at Cobalt Coast Resort. Photo: Submitted

Hosted by Divetech at Cobalt Coast Dive Resort, more than 60 Closed Circuit Rebreather divers take part in this eventful week, diving the deep walls and shallow reefs off the North Wall.

All levels of Rebreather divers join in, diving at various depths based on their certification limits, from the shallow reefs to the sheer walls at depths of up to 400 feet, and dives lasting for three hours.

In addition to diving, great meals and more diving, Inner Space attracts many of the ‘Who’s Who’ in the CCR world. Representatives from around the world will be coming to show their products, new technologies, Rebreathers, computer software, accessories, electronics and more, providing insight into their products, special design features, decompression models and new updates on what’s coming. Sharing knowledge and making new friends with like interests is part of what Inner Space is all about.

The line-up for evening presentations, pool demos to test out new units, product trade show evening and seminars on topics of interest to CCR divers include many representatives from the industry. Just to name a few for the 2008 line up: IANTD, Nitrox Diver, Silent Diving Systems, Delta-P Technologies, Closed Circuit Research, Add Helium, Oceanic Ventures and Dive Rite.

Technology that will be on display for guests to test out include many Closed Circuit Rebreathers including the Evolution, Inspiration, Vision Electronics, Hammerhead, Sport Kiss, Classic Kiss, Megalodon, Optima, FX, Ouroboros, Titan and the Sentinel CCR units.

Two new products will be showcased during Inner Space, the new Sentinel CCR from Closed Circuit Research and the new Fusion underwater diver propulsion vehicle from Silent Diving Systems. Participants will be able to test out these new products to see what they are all about.

Jim Kozmik and Ralph Hoskins from Sport Diver TV will be filming the event for the National Geographic TV series, Ship Sinkers along with a future episode for the Blue Realm show on Discovery TV.

Those not participating but are interested in learning more about Rebreather diving, are welcome to join in for cocktail hour any night, meet the industry leaders, pick up a schedule for the week or join in on the pool demos to test dive a Rebreather.

Celebrating the fifth year of Inner Space, along with the exclusive T-shirts and DVDs that guests take home, a custom gift is provided to all attendees. Caribbean and American meals vary daily for the participants, including a beach BBQ, welcome dinner and farewell dinner from Duppies Restaurant at Cobalt Coast, and off-gassing time under vibrant sunsets and 10,000 Caribbean stars compliment the week.

Grand Cayman offers some of the most spectacular wall diving in the world. The warm waters and crystal clear visibility allow divers to see the colorful sponges, healthy corals and abundant marine life in comfort. Dive sites are only a short distance by boat, and shore diving 24/7 allows divers to keep on diving.


To find out more about Inner Space, contact Divetech at [email protected] or visit

Benefits of Closed Circuit Rebreathers

Closed Circuit Rebreathers are old technology, but have only entered the sport diving marketplace in the past five years.

They are a multi-computer assisted diving system that are a closed loop, with gas exhaled re-circulated, scrubbed of CO2 and reused again.

Advantages of diving with CCR’s include moist breathing gas to minimize dehydration; warm breathing gas to minimize hyperthermia; small tanks to minimise equipment weight and gas costs; longer dive options due to recycled gas; a constant PO2 setting to minimize decompression obligations and no bubbles for silent, up close and personal encounters with the marine life.

To purchase a Rebreather, prices range from US$6,000 to US$15,000, depending on the features selected, with the average price around US$10,000.