Larger problems loom

In retort to Ms Ruth Scott’s letter in regard to Pilar Bush’s letter of apology to the gentlemen wrongly arrested for kissing his partner, it would have served Ms Scott well, if she had, in fact, read up on the laws of the Cayman Islands first off and would have understood that these persons were not breaking the law.

What is more worrying is that a police officer is not aware of the law – what other parts of the law is he not aware of?

Perhaps Ms Scott should be focusing her efforts on those parts of the law that are being broken and abused most frequently, those parts, perhaps, which include grown men impregnating girls younger than 16, husbands that beat their wives, child sex abuse…. the list goes on.

I am taken aback at the small mindedness concerning this subject, when there are far greater, more important things that people should be putting their efforts into.

I say well done to Pilar Bush, for acting swiftly, as we all know, with the recession that the USA is heading into. Do we really want to scare off our tourists…be it those who are gay and those who are not gay; however, do not care to visit such an unfriendly sounding, small minded Island as portrayed in the press, after this event?

Alison Connolly