A look at beauty from inside and out

Beautiful women are all around us, their splashes of colourful dress and laughter vivid in the din of ordinary daily life.

Being beautiful is at the soul of a woman. Why else would countless hours and dollars be spent on toes, waistlines, hair-do’s and style? Why else would women cultivate the deep inner qualities of a beauty; those of compassion, joy, peace and love? We see this in the family photo at the workplace, the mother with child, the giving hand of a woman, the dinner-table lit with candles.

Smart and beautiful women have had to earn their place in the world. Can beauty be trusted? Do people trust beautiful women? (Please pause before reacting too quickly). What happens when a beautiful woman walks into the room? Others look at her with combinations of envy, awe, love, mistrust and disbelief.

There was a time in my past when I did not trust beautiful women; that was all related to being overweight and unhappy. Remember the proverbial story of the Ugly Duckling? How he wanted to be like the beautiful swans.

Beautiful women know they are okay, acceptable and accepted. They care for themselves and are thus able to better care for others. They are wise and prudent in investing wisely in techniques and treatments that enhance their beauty, health and sense of well-being.

This might be anything from spa treatments, gourmet meal delivery, a weight-reduction programme or cosmetic surgery. Sometimes my beauty treatment includes a good chiropractic adjustment for stiff-neck thinking!

Smart women stay on top of medical practices that safeguard health and prevent disease for themselves as well as family members.

When does emphasis on outer beauty become narcissistic? How far do we go with outer beauty tucks and treatments? Recently, two clients of mine underwent ‘tummy-tuck’ surgery. One surgery was performed overseas and one performed in Cayman. Both of these women are feeling wonderful and more beautiful because of their decision in spite of what others may think. A wise woman is able to choose for herself; and that is beauty.

A woman’s beauty begins with her relationship with herself. She does small acts daily to contribute to her self-worth. This could be as simple as taking an early evening walk to de-stress, picking flowers for her home or taking time to have lunch with a friend.

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