We’ll be a knock out in JA

Cayman’s boxing programme has steadily been gaining momentum in the past year which is why a group of fighters under the guidance of coach Nayon ‘Donie’ Anglin are on their way to Jamaica for a tournament.

Anglin has been invited to Ocho Rios for a tournament from May 29-31 by William Tavares-Finson, president of Jamaica’s amateur boxing association.

Tavares-Finson has rejuvenated the boxing scene in Jamaica and this is one of the many regular tournaments he has been organising since taking office at the end of last year.

Ronaldo Garcia has incredible hand speed for a 325lbs fighter. When he loses the surplus and gets fit, Anglin believes he could be a world class amateur.

‘I’ve been training for four years and ain’t got a fight yet,’ Garcia, 19, said. ‘I went to the Caribbean Championships in 2004 and was lined up for one fight but the guy took one look at me and decided not to fight.

‘I looking forward to this. Can’t wait.’ But you might get a tough Jamaican. ‘Well he’s going to get a tough Caymanian!’ laughed Garcia.

Dariel Ebanks is another 19-year-old on the trip. He’s been training since last year. A big fan of Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, he wants to impress in Jamaica like his hero.

Kendall Ebanks, 17, was a rough kid on the streets so boxing was a natural option to channel his aggression. The fact that Anglin is a relative helped.

‘I’ve got an uncle that boxes and because of Donie who is my cousin, I got into it. I want to go pro and be as good as Charles Whittaker or better.’

Mixed martial arts is really enticing combative youths, but none of this group are particularly interested in it. For them, the sweet science is the boom.

Anglin said: ‘Ronaldo has been training since the time of Hurricane Ivan which knocked him out and he’s just recovered. He’s back in training and looking good. Kendall and Dariel are more dedicated than the others.

‘I expect them to do well, they’ve all got good potential.’

The other two on the trip are Jason Parchment (Anglin’s son) and Oshean Christian.