Gay kisser speaks out

I have read several letters to the editor of this newspaper that have said things varying from thinking it was a set-up to saying the incident was my fault since I did not stop after being asked to stop to saying I was insensitive to the officer and to the other patrons of the Royal Palms.

My response to those letters:

1) Regarding it being a set-up – it was absolutely not a set-up; I was behaving the same way I would have been behaving in the US. I was also behaving considerably less suggestively or offensively than many folks in the Batabano parade. To date, to my knowledge, no one has ever been arrested as a result of that parade.

2) Regarding it being my fault that I did not stop after the officer told me to and me being insensitive to the officer – the officer made up a law that does not exist anymore simply to detain me because of his own bigoted ideas of what is appropriate and what is not; the cop illegally made up a law. Who was being insensitive?

3) Regarding me being insensitive to the other patrons — it seemed as if the vast majority of the patrons were either okay with or actively supported what my boyfriend, Kevin, and I were doing. In fact, about two dozen people cheered and applauded at the courage – some would call it machismo – we displayed as we kissed one last time.

If the morals police want to return to the practice of criminalizing something as innocent as kissing and dancing (with all clothing on, mind you), what’s up next for criminalization? Two men or two women holding hands? Two men or two women giving each other a quick peck on the cheek? Two men or two women simply being around each other? Please.

Aaron Chandler