Gay man was right in actions

I live in Houston, Texas, and just happened to come across Raymond Sanders’ Letter to the Editor.

I’d like to offer an opposing opinion and state, gay man was right.

Unfortunately, like so many in the US, Mr. Sanders refers to a mythical past in America where everyone shared his narrow definition of values.

I read that the public display of affection in question occurred in a nightclub. One might not only question Mr. Sanders’ values, but also his judgement in allowing his obviously sheltered children to be in a nightclub, where presumably alcohol was being served.

Many groups condemn dancing; is Mr. Sanders’ immoral because he didn’t put a stop to the dancing that was going on in the nightclub? What is immorality? Was anyone hurt by that kiss?

Was the club-hopping Sanders family materially damaged by allegedly witnessing a kiss between two men?

It’s all so ridiculous.

Traditional values he says…stoning was once traditional value for infractions that are no longer even considered crimes and never should have been.

Does Mr. Sanders suggest that we turn the clock back that far? Or, just far enough to show how backward both his attitudes and the Cayman Islands’ laws are?

I will try to remind Mr. Sanders, as doubtless, others have tried unsuccessfully, that we live in a world big enough for everyone.

I can promise Mr. Sanders that neither I, nor anyone else will be pushed into the dark, or otherwise silenced simply because he doesn’t agree with our conduct.

It is often said that travel broadens the mind; I think we have found an exception to that rule.

Bruce Sebree