Plan Cayman: Transportation

When most people think about transportation on Grand Cayman, they think of cars.

There are over six vehicles for every 10 people on the island, making Grand Cayman one of the most car dependant places in the world.

However, there are several opportunities for alternatives to the single-occupancy vehicle, including expanded bus service, pedestrian facilities, and bicycle lanes.

The Circulation and Transportation Element of the draft Planning Statement calls for the development of a long-range comprehensive transportation plan. This plan will address all transportation related issues including:

Public transit,

Pedestrian and bicycle facilities,


Road expansion and maintenance,


Sea ports/docks.

The future of Cayman transportation will include a range of alternatives to the car which will have many benefits including:

Cost savings

Improved air quality,

Reduced demand for petrol,

A healthier community due to increased pedestrian and bicycle use.