Misunderstandings about orchids

I would like clear up a misunderstanding regarding the ghost orchids that were to be displayed at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The orchids in question did not come from the Ironwood Forest.

They were collected in February 2006 from land off Newport Avenue, which was cleared to build low cost housing.

The owner of the land personally gave the Orchid Society permission to collect the orchids before they were to be destroyed.

These orchids have been growing very well at the park for over two years.

The first ghost orchids introduced into the park arrived in the mid-1990s (with land owner permission) and are still thriving today.

No one at the Botanic Park would be foolish enough to even attempt to display orchids at the Chelsea Flower Show that came from the Ironwood Forest.

As for the auction, it has been decided that it is better to auction sponsorship of two orchids (again not from the Ironwood Forest) that are growing in the park.

The auction winner will get a holiday to the Cayman Islands where they can visit the Botanic Park and see their sponsored orchids.

I hope this letter clears up any misunderstanding about these orchids and their origin.

Andrew L. Guthrie

General Manager
Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park