Exercise and rainy weather

For those of us from cloudier and colder climates, the concept of continuing to exercise in spite of the weather is part of adaptation and acceptance. It inspires me to see winter joggers and it’s admirable to see local rainy-day athletes running a sprint or walking along South Sound road.

For many comfortable with Cayman’s near perfect climate, however, a little overcast and rain is just the excuse needed to forego exercise.

Foreseeing rainy days ahead, Lifestyles, with Donna offers suggestions for getting adequate exercise as well as good reasons as to why we should exercise in spite of weather conditions.

In ‘Living the Good Life’, David Patchell Evans lists 125 reasons for exercise, some of which are:

? Improved digestion

? Helps you sleep better

? Burns up extra calories

? Helps you lose weight and keep you at a good weight

? Reduces joint discomfort.

Others, more relevant to weather and moods, include:

? Lifts your spirits

? Enhances clarity of mind.

? Alleviates depression

? Gives you more energy

? Increases your positive attitude towards yourself and life.

With 115 good reasons to exercise left to list, motivation to stay active should be building.

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Tips for getting active

So, how can you remain active in spite of inclement weather? Lifestyles, with Donna, suggests you:

? Dust off home exercise equipment and use it.

? Purchase or create home equipment. This could include tapes, videos, be as simple as a yoga mat and homemade weights (empty water bottles filled with sand work) or something as complex as a treadmill or bow-flex machine.

? Dancing is a wonderful form of exercise. Join a class or set a timer, put on the music and dance at home.

? Show up and utilize your gym membership.

? Or, brave the weather, dress appropriately and join up with a friend for a walk or run in the rain.

? Partake in water activities when roads are wet and flooded. The ocean or pool provides the optimum environment for exercise. Beware of thunderstorms, of course.