Today’s Editorial for June 5: Two storms set seasonal stage

We wonder just how prepared for hurricanes the citizens of Belize were when tropical storm Alma and Arthur stormed their shores last week.

Those storms, while not full-blown hurricanes, left at least seven people dead and two missing.

Both Alma and Arthur formed and made their presence known before Sunday, the official start of hurricane season.

Guess someone forgot to arm Mother Nature with a calendar this year.

Most of those who died in the two storms drowned as heavy rains caused fatal flooding.

We got our own taste of flooding in George Town Wednesday morning when showers deluged Grand Cayman during the early morning commute.

Those rains came from a simple storm system, not anything like a tropical storm.

The deaths of those in Central America last week should give us even more cause to be concerned about our own preparedness for a storm or hurricane this season.

The top two hurricane scientists in the United States have confirmed their previous prediction of an active hurricane season this year with 11 named storms and six hurricanes, of which two are predicted to be major.

It doesn’t take a major hurricane, though, to cause us damage and potential loss of life, as we have seen in the past.

It appears that retailers are going out of their way this year to help us all in getting hurricane supplies.

Most stores have hurricane supplies prominently displayed, and usually near the door or cash register.

If you’re not sure what to include in your stock of hurricane supplies, get a copy of the 2008 Cayman Free Press Hurricane supplement from newsstands across the Islands or at our offices on Shedden Road.

There is still time to order shutters and have them installed.

And there is still time to stock your pantry with canned goods and bottled water.

Don’t wait until the last minute when there will be a strong possibility that retailers’ shelves will be bare.

Plan now so you won’t be sorry later when a storm threatens our small country.

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