Unbowed after JA experience

A Cayman boxing team came away with lots of experience in Jamaica.

Four Caymanian boxers competed in a tournament in Ocho Rios over the weekend. Though they lost, all impressed the crowds with their speed and quickness.

All the fighters weighed in successfully and looked sharp in training. They had lots of confidence despite facing Jamaican opponents who all had more experience than them.

In the light welterweight bout, Kendall Ebanks was in trouble from the opening bell. His opponent’s aggressive style gave him fits throughout the match.

Ebanks eventually settled into the fight and shook his opponent with a powerful right hand. In the final round, Ebanks landed another right hand and for a moment it looked like he could provide a KO.

Unfortunately, the fight had a horrible ending. The referee determined that Ebanks had been infringing during the third round with excessive holding and ended the fight.

In the second welterweight fight, Jason Parchment had a good start. The first round saw lots of jabbing and movement from Parchment and he frustrated his opponent with his reach.

In the second round though, Parchment got over-confident and went toe-to-toe with the Jamaican. It was all over in the third as Parchment got caught on the ropes and took a barrage of heavy shots. The referee was left with no choice and waved off the fight.

In the last fight for the Cayman team, Ronaldo Garcia faced a 260lb brawler in the super heavyweight division. Of note was that Garcia’s opponent is a member of Jamaica’s armed forces.

Leading up to the fight, Garcia had been suffering from a chest infection and did not train. Nevertheless the young man was still determined to fight.

When the bell sounded, both men met in the centre of the ring and threw huge punches, rocking each other time and again. Garcia’s hand speed and combinations impressed the crowd and most thought he would win.

The fight was called at the end of the first round. Garcia could not continue as his illness hampered his breathing.

The fourth member of the squad could only sit and cheer his team-mates. Dariel Ebanks’ heavyweight opponent broke his hand and was unable to compete.

All of the fights generated quite a buzz with the Jamaican media. A televisions station broadcast the fights and interviewed the Cayman team when they arrived.

The fights were part of the fourth event in the Jamaican boxing series. Funds from the event went towards an up-and-coming gym in Windsor Heights near St. Ann’s Bay in Jamaica.

The Cayman team, accompanied by Coaches Nayon ‘Donnie’ Anglin and James Burch, was given a special invitation by President of the Jamaica Boxing Board William Tavares-Finson.

In the end, Coach Burch felt the trip was a good learning experience for the young men.

‘All in all it was an extremely valuable trip. You never know how a fighter is going to react until he is put into a competitive environment. The particular atmosphere [they were in] was pretty intimidating.

‘All of the boxers went way beyond expectations with their skill levels. Most importantly, they showed heart. They now know what it takes to reach a competitive standard. They need to work on their conditioning, strength and the sparring needs to match a fight level intensity.

‘All they are lacking is experience, which will come over time. They are now looking forward with confidence to the Junior Caribbean Boxing Championships in Trinidad next month.’

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