Pension offences are charged

Precision Landscaping and Donald Thompson trading as Precision Landscaping have been charged with failing to contribute to a pension plan for employees.

Mr. Thompson appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, represented by Attorney Ben Tonner.

Mr. Tonner told Acting Magistrate Valdis Foldats there were approximately 20 charges, but the Defence had not seen any evidence in support of them. He asked for normal disclosure and suggested 8 July as the next court date.

Charges against Donald Thompson trading as Precision Landscaping allege he failed to make a pension contribution for himself and named others between July 2002 and various dates until February 2005.

This set of charges includes failing between 25 May and 15 June 2004 to comply with a request for information for the purpose of ascertaining compliance.

Another set of charges covers periods between March 2005 and various dates up to February 2008. Along with failure to contribute to a pension plan for himself and others, there is a further charge of failing to pay arrears within the time given by the Superintendent of Pensions in September 2006 and one of failing without reasonable excuse to provide information requested.

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