Interview tape unsealed

In Summary Court last Wednesday, Crown Counsel Tanya Lobban proposed breaking the seal on the tape recording of an interview with William Martinez McLaughlin, charged with murder.

McLaughlin, 31, is accused of murdering Brian Adrian Rankine, 20, on or about 16 May. He first appeared in court on 28 May.

Ms Lobban said Chief Inspector Peter Kennett had discovered ‘a bit of a problem’ with a working copy of the tape. It was hoped that the problem was a defect in the copy tape. She proposed to have the seal of the master tape broken in the presence of Acting Magistrate Valdis Foldats.

The magistrate was advised that the master tape had been sealed in the presence of McLaughlin and his attorney, Mr. Keith Collins. Mr. Kennett displayed the sealed exhibit bag, which he then tore open, and the tape container from which he removed another seal.

Both McLaughlin and Mr. Collins were in court to observe.

Ms Lobban asked for the matter to be mentioned again on 1 July.

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