Dead Canadian loved Cayman

As a Canadian wanting to emigrate to Cayman, I can only hope and pray that justice is served by the Caymanian judicial system.

As a friend of Marty, I hope that whoever took his life did so in a moment of horrible wrong-thinking.

I hope that what happened between the two is a time of regret and remorse.

Enough time has passed that many people think that the thoughts of those who were fortunate to have been in Marty’s company will have had an opportunity to express their grief and moved on.

Please bear with those of us who don’t live in Cayman…those of us who have only begun to realise what we have lost.

Marty made the Cayman Islands a beautiful and welcoming place.

He loved everything about Cayman; the land, the people, the sunsets and the moonrise.

He would watch the moon rise from his balcony whenever he could, and never fail to be in awe of the beauty of the moon’s path over the ocean.

Marty passed on the belief that every person he met was a good and kind person… someone who would lead him down a good path and someone with whom he could connect for the best of reasons. Marty believed the best about everyone, and never hesitated to pass on a ‘good news’ story.

The Cayman Islands will be a different place from now on.

Marty arrived on your island four years ago, and never had anything bad to say about it. He fell in love…with the moon over the ocean when it made a perfect path to his balcony….with the people along the road who he bought his food from…with the men he worked with who asked him to their weddings and their funerals.
Marty was so honoured to be part of the community. He would never fail to pass on a story that spoke of his love for every part of the Cayman Islands. He didn’t seem so realise that most of his anecdotes spoke more of their love for him. He was oblivious to his beauty and his charm.

Of everything I could, and should be feeling, what I feel most strongly is a profound sadness….that Marty should miss out on Cayman Island, and that Cayman should miss on Marty Gareau.

If all I can attest to is Marty’s love of Cayman Island, then please count me in. He found peace and love and happiness there.

It’s so sad that that he died in horror and violence in a place that he loved.

He didn’t live that way, and I’m so sad that he died that way.

Maureen Dixon – Stratford, Ontario, Canada

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