Marriott shows employee appreciation

Each year, Marriott marks the anniversary of its founding, 20 May, by setting aside a week to express appreciation to their worldwide family of associates.

Marriott staff

Human Resources Manager, Fernando Soler (first from the left) with a group of managers during the car wash activity. Photo: Submitted

Grand Cayman Marriott associates joined together and celebrated the Marriott Associate Appreciation Week recently. As part of the Marriott culture of employee recognition and pride, Associate Appreciation Week celebrations pay tribute to all associates for their dedication, commitment and outstanding service, said a press release.

During the week various activities were held. All Marriott associates participated in and enjoyed a car wash in which the managers got soaking wet. They had buckets and brushes out to wash the associates’ vehicles.

Snack breaks were scheduled at different times to pamper associates of different shifts and special lunch offerings were provided every day.

‘Our celebration was a huge success, with a lot of energized associates at the end of the week.’ said Fernando Soler – Human Resources Manager.

A warm and congenial thank-you letter arrived from Mr. Bill Marriott to celebrate the associates, saying: ‘Ultimately, it’s not what we do that earns us the loyalty of our guests, it’s who we are. As our company increases its focus on aiding our neighbours and communities, fostering diversity and inclusion, and protecting the environment, you consistently champion these efforts.

‘As we continue to grow around the world, it makes me very proud to know that you are Marriott’s ambassadors. Thank you for everything you do to drive our business and take great care of our guests.’

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