Burning dogs depraved act

The Cayman Islands Humane Society is deeply saddened and distressed to learn of two incidences of animal abuse over the last week.

That these have happened so soon after the brutal killings of our countries precious blue iguanas deepens the Society’s concern even further.

One dog on Cayman Brac was set on fire, causing extensive injuries, pain and distress coupled with a lifetime of mental anguish for the animal, which is recovering, and another dog on Grand Cayman, which was burnt with chemicals and subsequently euthanized due to its injuries.

Both of these acts of abuse are sickening.

Domestic dogs have been bred for centuries to become mans perfect companion, naturally these animals are affectionate, loyal and trusting toward humankind, the way humans treat them in return determines their individual personality.

These two animals did not deserve this kind of suffering inflicted upon them; in their innocence they have suffered tremendous pain from individuals who enjoy committing cruelty on those weaker than themselves.

These individuals are deeply disturbed.

In every culture we are taught right from wrong from our families, our peers, schools and faith – these particular individuals knew they were doing wrong.

Studies reveal that those who inflict animal cruelty don’t stop there, they are the future spouse and child abusers, our future murders and serial killers – they will commit these violent crimes over and over again, and as a community we need to stop them now.

Those that know any information as to who carried out these depraved acts must report them to the RCIPS now or call CrimeStoppers anonymously – next time it could be your pet, your child or even you.

As a community we need to show compassion and care toward all living creatures; we need to teach our children right from wrong and flush out the abusers.

There is absolutely no excuse, no reason to harm and inflict pain on anything or anyone.

Our thoughts are with the families of these two dogs, and with all the animals that have suffered abuse, are suffering now and who are yet to suffer in the future; know that you are loved as we pray for you.

The Board of Directors
Cayman Islands Humane Society

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