Students need expo help

For the past six weeks Year 9 Student Council members – eight young people – have been attempting to put on their first Careers’ Fair at Heritage High School on Wednesday, 25 June.

They were inspired by a visit to the Chambers of Commerce Career’s Expo this year and wanted to give all the 11-14 year olds at Heritage on the George Hicks Campus a chance to speak to professionals about their jobs and the kind of qualifications and skills needed to follow a particular career path.

Ms Julie Ann Hilton, their link teacher for the Student Council, has been guiding the students who have sent out over 80 letters inviting people to attend one of their three time slots: 8.20-10am; 10.30am-12.10pm; 1-2.40pm. Inevitably not everyone can come and the students are inviting the general public to come to their aid.

Heritage High has young people who want to be inspired to work hard and to take up the right subject choices when they graduate to John Grey. They want all different kinds of professions represented at their Career Fair. If you are interested in inspiring young Caymanians to take their education seriously and, perhaps, be a part of your enterprise in the future contact Ms Hilton on 516-0127 from 8am to 4pm any week day.

The students have organised four areas for jobs: ideas, people and things, data and food.

They need everybody from bakers to bankers, from plumbers to politicians, from administrators to architects. They need you professional people – Caymanians and ExPats – please call.

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