Wanted: British family with itchy feet

A reality television show is looking for a British expat family considering leaving sunny Cayman to return to the chillier climes of the UK.

The programme, called ‘No Place Like Home?’ gives homesick British expats ‘a chance to come home’, said Jenny Popplewell, assistant producer on the show which airs on ITV1.

‘Families who take part will get the chance to be flown back to Britain to test-drive the reality of life there. It’s an opportunity to fact-find, and equip themselves to make an informed choice – to remain an expat or realise it’s time to come back home,’ said Ms. Popplewell.

The chosen family is filmed in their country for three days to get a flavour of their lives as expats, checking out the weather, their friends, their jobs and their home. They are then flown to the UK for seven to 10 days, where relocation expert Catherine Gee helps them research life back home.

Then, the family gets to make a choice – whether to remain overseas or move back to Britain.

‘Hopefully by the end of this trip they will feel they can make a more informed decision about where they belong,’ Ms Popplewell said.

According to the show, British expats are moving home in droves with more than 80,000 returning to the UK in 2006.

The show was created by Fever Media producers who made top rated reality shows Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars in the UK.

This is the second series of the day-time documentary. The first series features three episodes with families from Cyprus, New Zealand and Australia.

If a Cayman-based family is chosen, filming will be done here some time before October.

Ms Popplewell said one family had volunteered via email on Wednesday night to take part, but the show’s producers had not yet spoken to them.

Anyone interested in taking part in the programme should email [email protected].

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