Be fair to CUC

The fact is that Cayman is blessed with the most efficient and well managed electrical utility in the Caribbean.

Why is it that people never recognise something good when they have it? Why do they feel there is always a free lunch somewhere that they deserve to eat?

After Hurricane Ivan, how many people remember how CUC rolled out its trucks, hired extra crews from wherever they could, laid down its own money to order huge amounts of new equipment for fast delivery, ordered countless new poles and then worked tirelessly to rebuild their entire distribution network?

Not enough to prevent our Government from weaselling out of repaying CUC for its heroic efforts. The question people should be asking right now is how CUC will perform after the next hurricane.

No one hates the high cost electricity more than I do. But when I turn on my A/C or any appliance, I want the electricity to be there. I am sure that everyone else does also.

Who wants to sit in a dark, hot, room not knowing when, or if, the power will be turned on again?

The only way to assure this is to make sure that our utility is paid fair value for its services. If it is not, it will be weakened. First, it would cut service. Second it would cut maintenance, and that’s when we will experience blackouts. Third, it would cut capital expenditures, and that’s when we will experience brownouts and blackouts.

I am sure that no thinking person would want to see this scenario played out

Please also recognise that CUC had nothing to do with the current high cost of diesel. It is simply a victim, the same as you or I when we refuel are cars. CUC has no choice but to pass its fuel costs on to its customers.

CUC already is not making much money. According to CUC’s website, available at, CUC’s income has declined over the last eight quarters.

CUC earned 30 cents per share in the quarter ending 31 July, 2006. This fell to 17 cents per share for the quarter ended 30 April, 2008. Not good.

So do you still think you are being gouged for electricity?

If not, then please quit complaining.

I am sure that everyone wants to continue to receive good quality and reliable electrical power. Let’s be sure to do our part.

Gerry Miller

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