Skateboard film will inspire the youth

D.O.P.E will be a little different next year.

The Cayman Outreach Association recently announced plans to bring Dennis Martinez and the rest of film crew back next year to show D.O.P.E.

D.O.P.E stands for Death Or Prison Eventually. The film chronicles the rise and fall of four champion skateboarders including Dennis Martinez.

This year’s showing was considered a huge success. The publicity it garnered plus the many hundreds of kids who came out to see the movie have organizers thinking of D.O.P.E as a long-term fix for Cayman.

According to Raphael Bodden of the COA there are plans to go to different venues and bring in more athletes.

‘Yes we are planning to show the movie D.O.P.E. next year. We will be looking for a larger venue for two nights. Dennis Martinez is planning to bring a team of young pro skateboarders, a pro soccer star and other professional athletes along with a popular gospel hip-hop band.

‘They will promote the theme ‘you can be successful without drugs.’

This year’s showings of the movie were held at the John A Cumber Primary School Hall and the Westin Casuarina Ball Room. A special showing to the island’s prisoners was also staged at HMS Northward Prison.

Martinez and others associated with the movie stated their interest in seeing the movie shown all over Cayman and in the Sister Islands.

Bodden says next year they should get their wish.

‘We will try to visit all of the schools on the island next year. A visit to Cayman Brac is a possibility.’

COA was aided in showing the movie in Cayman by Community Video Ministry. Among those integral in that partnership was West Bay resident Darvin Ebanks.

Ebanks is the founder of Community Video Ministry. He says the members of his committee were integral in a successful showing of the movie.

He went on to say many hard-working people participated and helped promote a drug-free Cayman. Ebanks also thanked the media for its coverage and all of the youth and their parents who attended the showings and showed their support.

Both Bodden and Ebanks acknowledged the role of the US sponsors in getting DOPE off the ground. Among those mentioned were Cobain, G&S, Car Angel and Boat Angel.

In spite of these entities coming together for this year’s showing, Bodden hopes local companies will get onboard next year.

‘We encourage local sponsors to become ‘stake holders’ in this war on drugs. We can win the war if we can just get enough people to care.’

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