Whittaker’s damaged hand on the mend

Local boxer Charles ‘Killa’ Whittaker is doing just fine after re-injuring his strong hand.

Killa hurt his right hand during his bout on the under card of Cayman Knockout last Friday. Killa beat American Troy Lowry by TKO at the end of the fourth round.

Killa said swelling is going down and it’s not a serious setback.

‘It’s still swollen and bruised but the swelling is coming down. It was extremely soft this morning when I woke up.

‘I went to the hospital on Friday night after the fight. I had the hand x-rayed and the results were negative. It’s not broken thank God.’

Killa apparently hurt the hand from landing head shots on Lowry. One blow in particular drew blood from Lowry’s head in the third round.

Killa had said right after the fight ended that he had experienced major discomfort in trying to finish off Lowry.

‘The more I punched the more it hurt. When I was punching with it I was trying to knock him out. I put everything behind it.

‘I could feel victory and I felt I had it. I remember having to tell myself don’t rush it. The most important thing is I won and it was almost over early.’

Immediately after the fight Killa’s trainer Norman Wilson spoke about the extent of Charles’ injury and its effect on the rest of the fight.

‘He did hurt his right hand and it is an old injury. He hurt it in the third round when he hit Lowry to the head. He said he was in pain. After he got hurt he had to play smart because he needed that hand to land his big punches.’

Whittaker had hurt the hand around April of last year during training.

Killa says going forward that he will go back to training and possibly prepare for his own boxing event later this year.

‘Fighters normally get those kind of knocks though I have to be careful with it. All I know is I could not afford to have broken bones in my hand, especially at this stage in my career.

‘From here it’s back to training and I’m thinking about doing my own show on September 20 or so.’

Ultimately Killa’s feelings were summed up best by his trainer. Wilson says their focus is strictly on the next fight.

‘It was a good fight. Charles has got to win and keep winning. His chance is knocking at the door. Right now it’s all about the ‘W’.’

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