Give cops fair deal

In the military there is a joke about when the colonel, before commencing a Court Marshall says, ‘OK Sgt. Major, march the guilty soldier in and we’ll give him a fair trial.’

I may not take tea with the commissioner of police but I do believe that he and his colleagues are entitled to a fair deal in the ongoing investigations being conducted.

The recent press coverage that seems to infer that the COP and Ch. Supt. Jones being off Island has a sinister meaning and, together with gossip of possible extradition, is certainly not conducive to ensuring that any future hearing is not negatively influenced.

Add to that the comments attributed to Chief Investigator Bridger in recent press articles and ‘Kangaroo Court’ springs to mind.

Quotes include ‘It will be difficult for these men to return to their posts’ and, even more alarmingly, ‘We have Dixon and are investigating Kernohan’ in the same sentence, without respect for the rank of the officers concerned or a presumption of innocence until the contrary is proven, is to my mind extremely prejudicial and certainly not the kind of utterance one expects from someone stated to have many years of policing experience.

When complaints are made it is right and proper that they are fully investigated in a professional manner.

Turning the matter into a ‘media circus’ does not fit that criteria.

Derek Haines