Use your natural resources

Thanks to CUC for offering shareholders the right to purchase new shares offered before going to the public or an investment firm.

This is good policy for CUC and the shareholders as it saves the company underwriting fees that would be charged by an investment underwriter.

While recently in Grand Cayman for over a month, I read about CUC’s plans to purchase a new diesel generator to meet current and future demands.

It is my understanding that a diesel generator has an operating life expectancy of some 50 years. If this be the case, it appears that this investment in the short term may be a necessity; however, how will the investment fare in five, 10 or even 20 years down the road in view of escalating fuel prices due to a world long term shortage of fuel oil?

Grand Cayman, I would think, is an ideal place to invest in wind and solar power as I have found that the Caymans seem to always have plenty of breezes and sun, both assets to the country. Why not use those assets (which are free) to generate electricity?

I would be interested in hearing CUC’s short and long term plans with respect to wind and solar energy generation.

Howard Whitlow