Cayman gets 24 hour access to movies and games

Finally, movie fans now have 24 hour, seven day-a-week automated access to films and games thanks to Videomatic, the most convenient DVD and video game rental store to hit Grand Cayman.


Videomatic offers 24-hour access to thousands of movies and games. Photo: Submitted

Part of Apex Video Solutions, the new store is located in the Cayman Centre in industrial park on the corner of Airport Road, right across from the Airport Post Office. It offers 24-hr access to six automated machines and thousands of movies and games.

Membership is free and all customers need to do is visit the Videomatic store during business hours, Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm, with a driver’s license or photo ID and credit card (for security purposes) to set up an account and get their membership top-up card.

Working much the same as a phone card, members simply load the card with credit with which they then have instant access to movies, games and even snacks from the automated machines 24 hours a day.

Members can also top-up using cash at the machines at any time of day. An attendant is available for membership sign up, card top-up (cash, credit or debit) and general assistance during regular business hours. Best of all however, is that every new membership for the rest of the year comes with a free movie rental.

Owner Christy McKenzie describes the new service as state-of-the-art.

‘It’s all about convenience,’ she said.

‘Being able to pick up and return DVDs at any time day or night is about as convenient as it gets. People have been asking for more service in the DVD rental industry here in Cayman and we want to give it to them.’

New releases cost $3.50 each for three consecutive nights so there’s lots of time to watch and then get them back on time. Late charges on new releases are $2 per day. All other movies cost $2.75 for three consecutive nights with $1.50 per day late fee. Games cost $6.50 for four consecutive nights and $1.50 late fee per day.

Orientation is quick and easy with large touch screens and easy to use menus. It is possible to browse by actor, genre, or to search for a specific title, and even view trailers.

Videomatic’s 24-hour access also puts new DVDs and games into the hands of customers the instant they are released. There is no need to wait for the video store to open anymore, as members can rent or return the latest movies and games on the way to work in the morning or on the way home from the party at night.

Quality and service are important priorities at Videomatic and Ms. McKenzie explained that all the movies are the real thing and that they are watching out for the family.

‘We do not and will never rent illegally produced movies or games. Every product available to our customers is an authentic copy. We guarantee the quality of your rental or the next one’s on us.’

Another attractive feature of Videomatic is the ability to have a ‘minor code’ so children can still use the card but won’t have access to R-rated films or games.

‘I have three kids of my own so it’s important to me that customers have the option of removing adult films from the selection process,’ said Ms. McKenzie.

‘It’s a nice feeling to think that while customers are at the post office or shopping at Foster’s, their 10-year-old can be renting a movie or game and there’s no worry about him or her watching a trailer or renting anything that might be inappropriate. They just enter their minor PIN code and all the R-rated trailers and rentals are removed from the selection list.’

Ms. McKenzie noted that the system is easy, fun and most of all it’s the most convenient way of renting movies or games with 24-hour, fully automated access.

For more information about Videomatic or Apex Video Solutions please call 946-2234 or email [email protected].

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