Reach out to boy

In reference to the story Boy, 14, has no place to go:

Now this, Cayman, is cause for serious concern.

I wonder who will write in on his behalf. I’m thinking not much will be said or even heard about this case because:

1. The whole world is not involved,

2. The politicians probably have better things to do, like watch all day

3. Our iguanas will definitely get more attention since they are our heritage while this boy is JUST a young Caymanian,
4. He’s not dead yet and his mutilated body has not turned up on any of our clean beautiful streets.

Please Cayman, reach out to this young man who deserves a real home around true Caymanian values and a chance at achieving his goals whatever they may be

This is to all Caymanians, paper or otherwise.

I urge us all to do the right thing since we have made such a folly at accomplishing the simplest of goals.

There are many financially able people who can offer him a foster home environment, counsellors who can meet with this young man on a weekly basis and they can even sign him up for Big brothers and Sisters, Junior Achievement.

They can sign him up for sports activities and a long line of wonderful projects to get any young Caymanian involved with.

We need to work hand in hand Cayman and get our youth involved by simply showing this young man that there are people who care about him as much as we care about gay kissers, public displays of sexual relations and murdered blue iguanas we will make a difference in this one young Caymanians life.

I wonder who will help.

Sheredan Bodden

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