Reason applications down

Perchance the reason the numbers of new applications for permanent residency are lower is linked to the fact of how expensive it is to hire an attorney and how long the process takes and how many are seeing that it is a no win situation.

Why bother to attempt residency when you see what your friends and colleagues are going through.

Instead, families that have made their home in Cayman might just be opting to save their money for the investment in the new life they will have to inevitably make abroad.

If this is what Mr. Tibbets considers an accomplishment, I would hate to see what he considers a failure.

The loss of those who have proved themselves over seven years is surely not something to be proudly banging the drum and playing trumpets over.

With the current rise in crime rates, etc., I would think holding on to law abiding hard working residents would be a positive move rather than slapping yourself on the back for forcing them out. Don’t forget that many of these individuals are the ones who helped rebuild their chosen country after Ivan. Does it not make more sense to let them stay over those who would now come and take advantage of what has been rebuilt?

Regina Ecclefield

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