In praise of Cayman Brac

I would like to share my experiences with the warm and friendly residents of the Brac.

During our first visit, we arrived at the car rental agency by the airport and we were greeted by name before we even fully stepped inside the door.

While waiting for our pizza, we were offered some of the Filipino food the employees were cooking. I think they wanted to see if we would really eat the chicken liver, and of course we enjoyed it!

A storekeeper entertained us with stories of the ‘dirty joke’ necklace and what it was like growing up on the Brac.

However, the largest gesture was from a man who assisted us in finding a particular hiking trail. We were driving around with no success so stopped to ask directions. This man said he was not certain, but gave us his best guess as to how to find the trail. It turned out the directions were incorrect so we kept driving.

Out of nowhere, a car comes up behind us honking and indicating for us to pull over. It was the same man! He asked someone else how to get where we wanted and then tracked us down to share the information. As he had never taken this hike before, he thought he should experience it for himself so he would be able to give correct directions the next time. His company was much appreciated!

On our second visit to the Brac, our rental car would not start while were at the entrance of a cave, not within walking distance to town. We both were very low on phone credit and tried to call the rental agency without success.

Out of credit, our last resort was 911. We made it very clear to the operator that this is not an emergency but wondered if someone at the police station could assist. We spoke to an officer and explained our predicament. She offered to phone the rental agency to let them know where we were. A great plan and we thanked her kindly.

When a car finally pulled up, the gentleman said it wasn’t actually a car from his business. The officer must have mistakenly called a different company. However, without hesitation he assisted us and got the car started so we could continue the adventure.

I would recommend a visit to the Brac to anyone. It feels like an entirely different world than Grand Cayman. I know you will love the nature and the people as much as I do.

Jennifer Strang

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