No excuses: Just do it

‘Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.’

I found this Chinese Proverb pasted to a teller’s cubicle at one of the local banks. It speaks profound truth, and in haste, I wrote down the words for future use in seminars and workshops.

There are many reasons people give as to why they cannot do things such as lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle. These reasons are basically a matter of how one is viewing life. Dare we dream that the potential of health, fitness and a normal weight are within reach if we but muster up the vision, desire and discipline.

Commonly heard phrases such as ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m too tired’ and ‘I just don’t have willpower’ are self-fulfilling prophecies. We all have the same amount of time and it’s up to each of us to prioritise how to use that time.

Some of the world’s most successful financiers maintain peak physical condition because they know the importance of physical health along with mental and emotional health. They take time and invest in personal health while maintaining highly productive businesses. Should not we also invest in health in order to keep that vital edge?

As for energy, that may be more fickle and changeable. Granted, there are times when we all need to just chill and do nothing, but often lack of energy stems from the mere fact that one is not doing enough to stimulate metabolism and the life force.

Working inside for eight to ten hours daily in an office environment without regular healthy activity can certainly diminish energy and vitality.

Willpower and motivation involve personal choice. Either we exercise our will positively and say ‘I will walk’, or we wilfully choose, ‘I won’t walk’.

Willpower is not some elusive bolt of lightning that comes down from heaven to spur us on. It’s an internally motivated dynamic that is healthy in a person who takes action to do the very thing he says he will do.

Note again the Chinese Proverb. It speaks wise words of wisdom.

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