Stations playing same old song

Yes, Mr. Burmon Scott is right in his letter to the editor dated 9 July.

I hear the same complaint, especially from visitors: ‘Why is there so much foreign music on Cayman radio stations’?

Though Rooster Radio and Radio Cayman go out of their way to support our local music, most other stations still consider our recordings inferior. Yes some of our music is not 100 per cent up to par with the superstars from America, but why not give the little guy a break?

In September of 2006 I witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between radio stations and the Cayman Music and Entertainment Association and, to be fair, since then there has been some improvement.

Behind the scenes, however, local musicians are still fighting the battle for fair airplay. To echo Mr. Scott’s sentiments, this battle is usually with Caymanian-owned stations that import programme directors or station managers on a work permit.

These experts have been hired to bring their foreign expertise to our islands. That foreign way of thinking has most of our radio stations sounding ‘foreign’.

Personally I do not agree with the ‘one local song per hour’ rule. This hinders new local recordings from ever becoming as popular locally as the imported music from America or Jamaica.

Why should a local artist with a new local recording have to wait days sometimes to have their new song pop up in the one hour rotation?

I do not want to come across as an ex-pat-bashing Caymanian for this is not the case. I am well aware that with some businesses we need imported labour and imported experts.

Regardless, this is Cayman. Please have more respect for things local.

Andy Martin