Potential UDP candidate named

Former Cayman Airways CEO Mike Adam has been named as a potential candidate to run for a Legislative Assembly seat in the district of George Town in next May elections.

The UDP last week issued a press release stating there were ‘a number of new potential candidates that have joined the group and expressed their interest in running for office in the 2000 general elections. However, the press release did not give the names of any of those people.

Asked for names of the potential candidates, UDP leader McKeeva Bush admitted that Mr. Adam – who had been rumoured to be a possible UDP candidate for at least six months – was someone he supported to run for the district.

‘We have a George Town Committee and the nomination hasn’t gone through the committee process yet… but [Mr. Adam] has shown his interest in seeking the nomination,’ he said. ‘I would very much like to see him nominated; in other words, I support him.’

Mr. Bush spoke about why he felt Mr. Adam would be a good candidate for the UDP, if the party’s George Town committee nominated him to stand in the elections.

‘Mike has a wide knowledge of the tourism industry and Cayman Airways, and therefore of business,’ he said. ‘He’s a good family man. You can’t meet a friendlier or more honest Caymanian than Mike Adam.

‘George Town will do well to choose him as one of their representatives.’

Stefan Baraud, chairman of the UDP’s George Town Committee, confirmed that Mr. Adam would have to go through the nomination process in order to be named as one of the party’s candidates for the next election.

‘But from this point forward, you can consider Mike a contender [for the nomination],’ he said.

Mr. Baraud said Mr. Adam was the ‘type of quality candidate’ the UDP wanted for the next elections.

‘[Mr. Adam] possesses a lot of the necessary skills and experience with dealing with the tougher issues,’ he said. ‘He’s a man with a great deal of moral and ethical character and a man of substance… and the type of candidate this country needs.’

When contacted, Mr. Adam stopped short of saying he would to put his name forward as a UDP candidate.

‘I’m still in the considering stage,’ he said, noting that he had to discuss the matter with his family. ‘But I am very keen and interested in politics.

‘The country, and the district of George Town in particular, needs much better representation than they are currently getting.’

Mr. Adam said he had been in public service for 35 years and he was interested in doing that again.

‘I’m a people person,’ he said. ‘A large part of the role [of legislator] is listening to people and executing their wishes.’

In the UDP’s press release last week, Mr. Bush said he was pleased to say there was a lot of interest in running for office with the party ‘from a fantastic group of younger, professional Caymanians… interested in serving their country in 2009 and beyond.’

Mr. Bush stated in the release that he had no desire in being in this position as leader for a long time; however when asked, he said he had no intentions of stepping away from politics at this time.

‘I’m going to run in the next elections,’ he said ‘I haven’t detected from the people of West Bay that they don’t want me to run.

‘I will serve the people as long as I can, but we need young people involved,’ he said. ‘I have to step away one of these days.’

Mr. Bush said young people in Cayman were getting better training and education and were therefore in a position to serve the country.