Radio Cayman reaches out to kids

Radio Cayman reached out with its annual School’s Earth Day PSA Competition last month.

earth day

From left, Cheryl Thompson, account executive at Radio Cayman, pictured with St. Ignatius Prep student Breanna Whittaker (honourable mention), teacher Maria Kennedy, Norma McField, director of broadcascasting and the other students Oshane Hardy, third, Catherine Bodden, second, and Samantha Cridland, first.

Only in its second year, the competition gained reasonable interest from the school community, as Radio Cayman gave Grade 6 students-from both private and public schools-the opportunity to explore their creative writing skills.

Director of Broadcasting Ms Norma McField said, ‘It is necessary to promote the importance of conservation and preservation to children, because it is the way forward and by involving them at this age it will be easier to integrate it into their day to day lives and hopefully the children will also promote the idea of recycling to parents who are not quite onboard with the idea as yet.’

Creator of the School’s Earth Day PSA Competition, Sales Manager and Acting Deputy Director Mrs. Paulette Connolly-Bailey, is delighted that Radio Cayman continues to be relevant to the community.

She says, ‘Radio Cayman is always seeking to promote the field of broadcasting through creative and fun ways that involve the present Generation. Also, in keeping with the fact that we are the number one community radio station, we always strive to reach out to the community, especially the children in every positive way we can. Last year’s competition was such a big hit; we decided to make it an annual event. We are very proud of all the participants and their achievements in creative writing at this age.’

Using the theme Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, participants were encouraged to include the five W’s -who, what, where, when and why as well as how – in a public service announcement script, not longer than eight ruled lines or 30 seconds. From the entries submitted, a Radio Cayman staff panel chose first, second and third place winners, as well as a PSA for honourable mention.

East End Primary’s sole participant Dillen Douglas earned an honourable mention. Of those received from John A. Cumber Primary, 1st place went to Neesah Godet, 2nd to the group from Year 6 Binger -Sylvia Rudon, Jasmine Jennings, Cheyenne Tibbetts and Nikayla Walton – and 3rd was Amanda Welds. Year 6 Carey gained an honourable mention. Red Bay Primary submitted an Earth Day Song which was performed by Tamiah Ebanks, Ashley Theaker, Erika Shim, Halle Manderson, Alisha Forbes and Carrie McCoy. Carrie also received an honourable mention for her PSA.

The winning PSA from Savannah Primary was recited by Kayla Jackson, Courtney Wood, Tianna Martinez and Pierre Ordonez. St. Ignatius Prep School sent in the largest number of entries, from which Samantha Cridland copped the top prize, Catherine Bodden the 2nd, Oshane Hardy the 3rd and Breanna Whittaker got an Honourable Mention.

All of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners attended the Radio Cayman studios and were assisted with recording their PSAs by Account Executive Cheryl Thompson and announcer Paul ‘Silver Fox’ Akal. The students were excited not only to visit Radio Cayman, but to get hands on experience, learning about voice-overs and recording. Some were shy, some had to be recorded many times for perfection, but they all enjoyed this interesting experience. Best of all, they had the thrill of listening to the final product aired on Radio Cayman several times during Earth Day.

Certificates of Participation and Radio Cayman promotional items were presented at the various schools to all these students as well as the Teachers involved.

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