Scouts meet in Cayman

Chief Scout for the Cayman Islands Governor Stuart Jack, recently welcomed a visiting American Scout Troop to Government House.


Local and visiting Scouts gather at the entrance to Government House. Photo: Submitted

During the Friday visit, the Governor shared information with the contingent, including facts on the local system of government.

Visitors presented the Governor with souvenir chocolates, for which their Pennsylvania city of Harrisburgh, is famous. They also had gifts for Mrs. Mariko Jack, president of the Girls Guides in Cayman.

The nine Boy Scouts and their six leaders are spending time on Grand Cayman visiting with their Cayman counterparts and hosts.

The visitors represent the Blue Mountain District of the Keystone Area Council of American Boy Scouts. This is their first overseas excursion and they are sponsored by the Charleton United Methodist Church in Harrisburgh.

Following their warm welcome at the Owen Roberts International Airport, the Americans are enjoying a full schedule of activities coordinated by Executive Commissioner Winston Hayle, along with other Scout leaders, boys and their host families.

The troop is interacting with local Scouts, swapping badges and engaging in friendly competitions. Their itinerary includes a submarine trip, a Turtle Farm visit and an island tour. They were also treated to a beach campfire and a Smith Cove barbecue.

Locally, some 300 boys – aged six years to 20-plus – are engaged in Scouting in the Cayman Islands.