What is there to fear?

What is there to fear about same-sex marriages or civil unions? ((Lawmakers move to ban gay marriage, Caymanian Compass, 10 July)

As a country do we need to cut out this demographic and be known as a place that lives with limited knowledge and boundaries, who shuns those that are not like them. Do you really think this will help our tourism or our financial sector? How offensive is this!

Homosexuality is not contagious, we all, as educated individuals, know this. Go ahead and pass this bill if you want, but ensuring that civil partnerships is defined in our constitution is taking this a bit far.

We live in a large, diverse world with different beliefs and religions. I’m not saying we should change our religion. I’m saying that we should not chase others who have different religions with big sticks and stones!

We have already made a negative impact on the world with the Royal Palms incident. Let’s try and rectify this. Really, how would a civil union or marriage between two same sex people hurt us as a country?

Be open minded and aware Cayman. We’re only a small shard of this huge sphere.

Leigh Smith

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