Disaster managers board ship

Cayman’s disaster managers climbed onboard RFA Wave Ruler this Wednesday for an in-depth look at the support this vessel will be able to give the Islands after a crisis.

This vessel, which delivered relief supplies to Grand Cayman following Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and again visited after Hurricane Dean three years later, is teamed with HMS Iron Duke to deliver humanitarian and disaster relief to the United Kingdom’s Overseas Territories in the Caribbean.

Local officials met with the Wave Ruler’s Chief Officer David Eagles who briefed visitors on the craft’s capabilities. He led a tour of the facilities, including its onboard hospital.

‘Our primary aim is to save life. In short, our capabilities include supplying water, power, shelter and assistance with fire fighting and rescue,’ CO Eagles told the delegation.

As an example of support capacity, Mr Eagles pointed out that HMS Wave Ruler can produce a hundred metric tons of clean water daily and can deliver it on-island by helicopter, using one-ton portable tanks.

Commenting on the value of the visit, Hazard Management Cayman Islands’ Deputy- Director of Operations Don Druitt said, ‘It is important for us to know what help we can expect in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane. Touring the boat and seeing the facilities and equipment first hand, helps us to fine-tune our crisis planning.’