Let kids be safe

I am a very concerned parent regarding the school children playing this summer and the drivers with no respect.

There are many folks speeding and one of them is going to hit a child at play.

We have worked very hard in our communities to get police, stop signs and other correct signage to alert the public that there are children at play. For example in my neighbourhood the parents watch the children carefully and there are dozens of children all living on a dead end street.

Our kids are on summer break and they are going to play and enjoy the outdoors. The kids love to clime trees, ride bikes and scooters, play hide and go seek, etc., whether in my own yard or across at their friends.

This is innocent fun for the kids.

There are still the chronic complainers and speeders. West Bay small neighbourhoods are the worst. All adults must be careful and drive with concern for the children.

In West Bay speeders go by and shout at the children and then shout at the parents too. At least these kids are not out stealing and doing drugs.

Child safety should be the No. 1 concern; not how fast you can get home or go shopping. Tell me where are these speeders going?

Slow down and have respect for children at play and enjoying their summer vacation.

Live and let live and let the children play…safely.

Ann Bodden

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