Little Trotters raise funds

In a truly multinational effort, Little Trotters Farm and Nursery School has joined forces with a Bahrain kindergarten to raise funds for orphaned children in Belize.

The pre-school in Columbus Close in George Town made a joint effort with Bahrain’s Little Gems to raise money in a project spearheaded by charity worker and long-time Bahrain resident Yvonne Trueman,

On Friday, 11 July, Little Trotters raised $460 with the sale of crafts, bakery and trinkets made by its students and teachers. The money raised will go to the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Home in Belize.

Ms Trueman recently stopped in Cayman while on her way to Belize and visited Little Trotters to discuss fund-raising possibilities.

She told the Bahrain newspaper Gulf Daily News: ‘The idea of children from different parts of the globe taking part in a fundraising scheme for orphans in Belize is a way of ensuring that future generations will become more aware.’

Little Gems pre-school has previously donated money to the orphanage as part of fundraising initiatives.

Josie Hoare, principal of Little Trotters, said the pre-school had been looking for a charity project I which to take part. ‘The children make their own arts and crafts, and they plant seeds and

The orphanage, which is equipped to house 30 children, currently caters to 48 children, but at its fullest, it homed 62 orphans.

The involvement of a Bahrain-based woman in a Belize orphanage began in 1994 following the death of her son, a British Army helicopter pilot. He was killed in a road accident while stationed in Belize and had been actively involved with the orphanage.

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