Speedy Tibbetts triumphs again

The monthly motor racing night was another speedy success.

Valvoline Night Battle 5 started with technical inspection and registration at Parker’s.

Valvoline was the official sponsor of June’s Time Attack. It had an excellent display of products in and around the tech inspection booth and everyone that registered got a free case of Valvoline oil.

‘This pre-registration event is exactly how all Time Attack events should be,’ stated Bobby Hulse, Chairman of the Time Attack Committee. ‘It got all of the formalities out of the way early and allowed us to get started as soon as the sun went down.’

Time Attack is a timed dexterity race in which competitors drive through a coned course on a paved road.

For every cone on the course that a driver touches a two second penalty is added to their time.

A competitor’s run begins with a standing start and finishes in a stop box. The cones in the stop box are a five second penalty if touched and drivers must ensure that their rear wheels are fully inside the box.

There are four classes which compete: FWD, RWD, AWD and an Unlimited Class which is determined by the tread wear of the tyres which is anything below 140.

Drivers are given three runs each and for FWD, RWD, and AWD, a driver’s quickest run determines their finishing position.

The top ten drivers compete in an overall championship run where the course is lengthened. In the Unlimited Class a finishing position is determined by the quickest time in the Championship run.

With the formalities out of the way, it made for an ultra smooth night of racing on Saturday, June 28 behind Progressive Industries.

The RWD Class had newcomers like Peter Jurgens and Chaz Jurgens. Jurgens in his Toyota Altezza with a best time of 101.903 seconds slid into third place as his cousin Chaz Jurgens posted a time of 99.643 seconds in his last run securing his position in second place.

However, neither of the newcomers could match veteran racer, Wayne Kirkconnell in his Nissan 350z with his best run of 88.272 being over 10 seconds faster than second place.

In the FWD Class it was neck and neck between veteran racer, Gary Bromfield in his Acura Integra and newcomer Reynaldo Powery in his Nissan Primera. Reynaldo posted a 94.830 run but in the end Bromfield and his Integra were announced the victor of the FWD Class with his best run of 93.217 seconds.

The AWD Class as usual was full of entrants. Ajoni Amberley in his Subaru Legacy Wagon posted some strong times but finished sixth behind fifth place finisher Gerry Holness in his Mitsubishi Evolution III.

Kenrick Baker was impressive in his fourth place finish in his Mitsubishi Evolution III as this was his first time out, however, Rhian Campbell in his Mitsubishi Evolution III was the most impressive newcomer for the night finishing the AWD Class third.

There was a battle for the top spot in the AWD Class with Donley Hunter in his Mitsubishi Evolution III posting his best run of 89.714 but it was not enough as Keith Tibbetts III took home the first place title in his Valvoline sponsored Subaru STI posting a blistering time of 86.945 seconds, which was the fastest time of the night.

The Unlimited Class which saw veterans Gary Huggins and Bobby Hulse and newcomer Tom Kirkconnell was quite a battle.

Hulse and Tom Kirkconnell were both racing the same car and therefore it was all down to the skills of the drivers.

Kirkconnell did well for his first time behind the wheel of the Mitsubishi Mivec finishing in third position.

Huggins in his 1984 Toyota Starlet placed second with his best run of 89.448 seconds but it wasHulse that posted the best time of 88.958 seconds to secure first place.

In the championship race for the Unlimited Class it was Huggins in first place with a time of 118.596 seconds, Tom Kirkconnell with 119.39 jumped up to second, and Hulse dropped to third with his 120.852 run.

In the combined Championship run for FWD, RWD, and AWD Donley Hunter took third with a time of 124.343 seconds and Wayne Kirkconnell in second place with a very respectable 118.484 seconds run.

However, Keith Tibbetts III with the seemly unstoppable Valvoline Subaru STI, took the top spot with a 115.977 second run.

There were some exciting battles and everyone that came out and participated truly enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

The next one is on Saturday when CMA will be hosting Time Attack Night Battle 6 behind Progressive Distributors.

They invite everyone to come out and have a good time. CMA are grateful to Valvoline and A.I. Rentals for their generous support.

Go to: www.CMA.ky or www.Caribbean-Style.net for an up-to-date schedule of events, race locations, results and pictures, or call 916-5137.

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