Tinting windows saves energy

Tint windows is a topic of the past, but again is something that concerns us all.

The heat and the fuel prices are increasing and it seems that nobody is concerning about this situation.

I noticed the number of people that have tint windows and I know why most people have tint windows; because of the heat. You save fuel and it is not so uncomfortable to drive under the hot sun.

I took my vehicle to inspection and for some reason it didn’t pass the test just because the tint was installed by me or so they told me at the inspection office.

So I noticed that another vehicle passed the inspection with darker tint than mine, so I asked why.

The officer told me it was because the vehicle has factory tint. So correct me if I’m wrong you are allowed to have tint windows as long as it is tinted from the factory? It’s kind of politically incorrect isn’t it? But again it’s the law.

Have you ever considered the benefits of tinting your own windows? Window tinting is not only trendy, but also necessary in many sunshine places.

This popular option if I may say is something for you to consider too.

What are the advantages of tinted windows?
The first and foremost benefit is reduced heat. By reducing the sun’s constant heat, you will protect and prolong the life of your car’s interior. Tinting your windows will prevent fabric from weakening and plastic trim from cracking or fading.

Window tinting also improves the performance of your air conditioner, which will help your pocketbook save money of fuel.

It has been estimated that tinted windows filter out 80 per cent of solar heat. Regular un-tinted or light tinted glass only filters out 30 per cent.

The reduction of glare from the sun is another benefit of tinted glass. The glare coming from side windows can cause eye strain and a headache on long trips. It can also be very distracting to drivers or even impair your vision.

The sun’s glare might even be a problem for passengers, especially small children and babies. Many parents buy little sunshades to attach to the windows to protect their children from the glare, but tinting your windows will cut the glare dramatically.

Another benefit to glass tinting is that will make it difficult for people to see inside your car unless they get really close. This gives many people a sense of security, especially if they are travelling with valuables.

Norberto Palacios

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