Chillin’ Out

Balance is a key to your ability to savour life. For many in the Cayman Islands today, there is a growing need to redefine life and priorities, to create more balance.


Donna Mitchell

The ever-important need to renew spirit and soul as well as the physical body is paramount in maintaining good health. Relaxation may be becoming a lost art in today’s world and with it are the signs of increasing stress. High blood pressure, chronic fatigue, migraines and general nervous tension have links to chronic stress.

In the fast-paced life of today, multitasking and constant doing seem to be creating a steady burn of nerves and anxiety. Whether at home, work or driving to and fro, people are a blur of activity; just observe the activities of other drivers; how many things can you do while driving? Does this not generate more stress not to mention danger to self and others? As I observe busy women and men buzzing around town on cell phones, eating lunch out of a brown paper bag, I long for the days of slow moving traffic and the ‘soon come’ attitude.

Letting nature nurture is one of life’s secrets to finding more balance. Walk a beach at sunset, or sunrise. Sit outside and watch the stars at night rather than staring zombie-like at the flickering images of noisy television. Visit the Botanical Park. Go fishing. Lie in a hammock. Watch clouds.

When did you last just sit and look around at the splendor of nature or play dominos at the beach? Let nature nurture you daily. It is a secret to living a more balanced life.

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