Today’s Editorial for July 24: Delay too long on enquiry suggestions

We find it unfortunate that four months after the Commission of Enquiry completed its work we still don’t know what’s going to be done with the recommendations.

Twice the Caymanian Compass has asked Governor Stuart Jack when the Cayman Islands was going to get his decision on the recommendations.

Twice he’s issued a press statement saying he’s still mulling over the suggestions.

Most of the proposals in that report seemed to be pretty cut and dry. Either we do them or not.

Those who are put at the most disadvantage of not having a decision made are civil servants who want to run for a seat in the Legislative Assembly.

Sir Richard Tucker recommended that civil servants in a salary scale of C or above be ineligible to offer themselves as candidates once they leave their posts at any time.

Leader of Opposition McKeeva Bush made a motion in the Legislative Assembly asking government to consider a one-year mandate between the time a civil servant leaves his job and the time he can run for election.

The Cayman Islands Civil Service Association doesn’t want there to be any lag time between a civil servant’s departure and ability to campaign.

While the Governor is thinking over the recommendations and what decisions he will make, civil servants are trying to determine whether they will, or even be allowed to run for office.

We’re less than 10 months away from the 20 May, 2009, elections and candidates are already announcing their plans to run.

Should civil servants be put into a position of doling out money to stand for election and then be told that no, they can’t run?

That would be unfair to them and their potential electors.

Civil servants need to know – and soon – what the decision on their ability to run is going to be, as do the political parties and independent candidates.

Even those who have announced they are going to run need a ruling on the recommendation because it has the possibility to effect their campaign strategy.

The Cayman Islands spent too much money on the Commission of Enquiry to ignore the recommendations that came out.

The people of this country deserve to know what decisions will be made about the recommendations and they need to know now.

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