Today’s Editorial for July 29: Forget wind power, go solar

It’s good news that Caribbean Utilities Company is considering taking a look at alternative measures to produce our electricity.

CUC is looking to wind power to help bring down the high price of electricity in the Cayman Islands.

It is interesting to us that CUC is considering wind power after concluding after a year-long study in 2003 that wind energy was uneconomical, then.

While wind energy is safe, inexhaustible and free, it also has some downsides.

Wind speed is and always will be variable and unreliable, especially on Grand Cayman.

To some, wind farms are considered to be eyesores and they are noisy.

Windmills also pose a danger to wildlife, particularly birds that can get caught in their blades.

CUC isn’t planning on putting any money into any wind farms. Instead it wants a private entity to put up the cash.

While CUC is to be lauded for thinking about alternative forms of energy to save customers money, it has said that it will probably scuttle the idea if and when oil prices begin to fall.

The hefty electricity bills we have all been subject to in the past few months are to be blamed mostly on the worldwide increase in oil prices.

While wind power sounds like a good idea on the surface, we wish that CUC would encourage homeowners and businesses to invest in solar power with the understanding that the energy would go onto CUC’s grid.

The law allows for individuals to produce their own electricity, but not to share or sell that electricity to CUC or anyone else.

A solar powered home already exists on Grand Cayman and the owners have decided to hook up to CUC for a backup.

One of the great things about solar power is it works even during storms because energy is stored. Solar energy is also emissions-free.

We implore CUC and Government to come together and make it possible for homeowners and businesses to invest in solar power and be allowed to connect with CUC’s power grid.

While the price of oil may fall, the emissions from using fossil fuel for energy won’t.

We need permission to help CUC provide cleaner energy.