HSBC comes to school’s aid

Students at George Town Primary School will enjoy an improved library experience thanks to a $20,000 donation by HSBC Bank (Cayman) Limited.


HSBC Bank (Cayman) Limited CEO Gonzalo Jalles, second from left, and Director of Human Resources Walling Whittaker, far right, present HSBC Caymans donation of $20,000 for improvement of the schools library to representatives of the George Town Primary School PTA. Photo: Submitted

The donated funds will be used to purchase urgently needed books and computers required for student research and library programmes.

George Town Primary School Principal Marie Martin outlined the importance of the library to the life of the school.

‘We are very grateful to HSBC Cayman for this generous donation. The library is an important support to students’ learning by offering tools to facilitate the improvement of reading skills and also research opportunities for both in-class project work and homework projects. The library and its facilities are also used for in-school reading programmes and after-school programmes.’

HSBC Cayman CEO Gonzalo Jalles pledged the bank’s ongoing support.

‘HSBC Cayman looks forward to being involved with the library programme at George Town Primary School. The school has a dedicated staff and an active PTA all working together to benefit students, so we are very happy to help them improve their already impressive programmes.’

HSBC Cayman is making the donation to George Town Primary School to celebrate the bank’s inclusion in the Cayman Islands group of clearing banks.

Mr. Jalles said, ‘To mark this important step in the process of expanding our services in the Cayman Islands, we at HSBC felt it was important to take the opportunity to do something positive in the community in which we will be operating. We hope that this sponsorship programme will be the first of many such community activities to come.’

George Town Primary School is in the middle of a major refurbishment project but the school library is in urgent need of immediate improvement.

After being destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, the school has rebuilt its library with limited resources, but has never been fully re-established to its pre-Ivan standard. HSBC Cayman’s donation will cover the major aspects of the short-term improvements needed at the school library.

HSBC Cayman and George Town Primary School are planning ways to get HSBC staff involved in the life of the school, including future reading programmes and fund raising projects.

George Town Primary School consistently places among the top primary schools in the Cayman Islands in terms of both Schools Inspectorate reports and student test results.