Chef Eric cooks up for fellow Rotarians

Rotarian Chef Eric Scuiller recently cooked a feast for over 40 of his fellow Rotarians and guests to raise funds for the club’s community projects at local kitchen appliance/accessory store – Bon Vivant.

Chef Eric Scuiller

Chef Eric Scuiller

The instructor’s time, the use of the kitchen and the wines were all donated for the evening.

‘His energy and humour made guests feel like they were at home in their own kitchen,’ explained Cynthia Hew, manager. ‘Dishes that would normally intimidate most recreational chefs were made to seem effortless because of Chef’s detailed instructions and casual attitude he and his fellow chefs brought to the evening.’

Every month, the club organises a social gathering for its members. At the beginning of July, Rotarian Chef Eric approached Rotarian Joey and Cynthia Hew – the owners of Bon Vivant – to ask about teaching a cooking class to raise money for Rotary and encourage member fellowship.

‘Food is magical; it brings people together in such a unique way,’ said Chef Eric. ‘As a Rotarian, I look for ways I can give back to my community, and I was thrilled that Bon Vivant’s kitchen was available for me to share my skills and recipes with others.’

Chef Eric prepared the dishes at the store earlier in the day, so customers could see him perform his prep work in Bon Vivant’s Viking kitchen. Persons who purchased merchandise during the day directly contributed to the fundraiser as Bon Vivant donated 5 per cent of the day’s sales to the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman. This was in addition to the amount raised from the proceeds of the evening.

‘Rotarian Chef Eric took guests through a memorable culinary experience with four dishes and two beautiful wines donated by Jacques Scott that were perfectly paired with the meal,’ said Mrs. Hew.

The menu for the evening included Tri-colour Rotini, Lobster Bolognaise, Goat Cheese, Pesto Red Snapper and Calaloo Minestrone, Roasted Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee Rubbed Lamb Rack with Vanilla Shitake Sauce and Pistachio Risotto.

Bon Vivant hosts regular cooking classes at the store. To view the calendar of events, visit or call 623-COOK (2665).