Muniz hit the perfect shot

Top score at the championships was by Puerto Rico’s Mauricio Muniz who hit 279 which was five under par.

Mr Consistent, his first three scores were all 69 and then he hit a 72 on the final round.

And to top it all, on Friday, he hit a hole in one of the first hole, a 140-yarder.

‘It was a nice way to start but it’s a team competition and we’re doing pretty well. We’ll see how tomorrow goes,’ he said at the time. Puerto Rico easily won the Hoerman Cup, beating Cayman by 20 shots, and it was partly thanks to Muniz’s form why they were so dominant.

But he played his talent down. ‘I practice a little bit. I’m a weekend golfer,’ he shrugged.

A lawyer by profession, at 31 does he still harbour ambitions of being a pro? ‘Some day I’ll get that out of my system,’ he laughed.

Muniz played in the Puerto Rico amateur in May, coming runner-up.

Then it was last week’s tournament and he intends to go to the World Amateurs in November.

Traditionally a hole in one means buying everyone in the clubhouse a drink. ‘I couldn’t celebrate because I still had 17 holes to play but I’m celebrating this afternoon at my hotel’s hospitality bar.’