Antigua will help kids develop fast

The tennis Under-13 national tennis team is in Antigua to compete in the Caribbean Development Championships for their age group.

The team left on Sunday and two days before they had a send off at their training venue which happens to be the house of Edward and Carol Bodden in Prospect.

Bodden is a tennis fanatic and he built the court to ensure his son Edward had every chance of fulfiling his potential.

Coached by Eduardo Torres, the other team members are his daughter Kayla and Marc Reid.

Also present were Jeremy Superfine, the president of the Cayman Islands Tennis Federation and ESSO executive Alan Neesome whose company sponsored the team uniforms.

Marc’s dad, Colin, said: ‘I’m very pleased. He’s been practising very hard and he’s looking forward to the trip. He’s really loving the idea and when it came up he couldn’t wait to go and visit Antigua. He’s looking forward to meeting all the kids from different islands.’

How good does Colin think his son could be? ‘Well I’m his dad so, of course, I’m going to say he’s going to be great.

‘Realistically, I think he could be good. He’s a very fit kid who enjoys a lot of different sports. He does karate and baseball and others so his fitness is very good.

‘He’s very lucky to have a teacher like Eduardo who is so knowledgeable and very encouraging. I think if he works at it he could do well.’

Superfine said: ‘This is a fantastic opportunity for the tennis federation. Cayman Islands gets invited to attend. This is the second year to put a team together. Last year we only had two juniors. This year we’ve got three and it’s a great opportunity for them to develop their tennis.’

Torres said: ‘This is a very good experience for them. I don’t know what’s going to be the level there but we’ve been training really hard. As long as they have fun and enjoy it that’s the main thing.

‘After this trip we’ll know where we stand and how hard we have to train for the next one. There’s going to be a lot more trips, certainly to the States and I intend to encourage them to keep playing tennis to reach a higher level.’

Bodden Sr said: ‘I really feel proud about Edward representing Cayman.’