Golden oldies need home urgently

Two senior citizens at the Cayman Islands Humane Society shelter are in desperate need of a second chance and are looking for loving, understanding homes in which to see out their twilight years in comfort – something both of them have yet to experience, the society reports.

Dolly, a friendly, affectionate lady of approximately 10 years old, is a beautifully brindled mixed breed with a long slender muzzle, peppered with white hair.

The shelter says Dolly loves going for walks and will gently paw at the door once a leash is slipped on her in quiet anticipation of the joy to come.

‘She is mellow and loving, a happy girl who just wants to share her life with someone special,’ the society stated. Polite and very well behaved, Dolly was brought to the shelter as a stray and at this stage of life, now really needs a comfortable bed and some company.

Jerry has suffered a lifetime of neglect and abuse from former owners, who even named him ‘Garbage’ because that’s what they thought of him – this couldn’t be further from the truth, the society said.

‘This lad is a gorgeous dog, he is very affectionate; put your arms around him and he buries his head into the embrace for a decent snuggle! He just wants to love and be loved,’ shelter officers said.

Jerry has suffered from a broken leg in the past that was allowed to heal by itself, hence he walks with a hop and a limp, but he’s in no pain, he just trundles right along as good as gold.

The nine-year-old is described as a very well mannered, affectionate canine with a golden coat and greying muzzle.

The Humane Society said senior dogs make wonderful pets as they settle in very quickly, are generally less energetic and playful than in their youth, they focus well because they are mellowed and are easy to train and are less likely to chew. ‘Adopting a senior is a rewarding experience for all involved,’ the release said.

Senior dogs such as Dolly and Jerry are often the hardest to re-home as they are often overlooked in favour of younger, healthier animals.

‘They don’t realise what wonderful companions these older dogs make, and especially dogs that have been down on their luck all their lives; they really need to be in a decent home as soon as they can. They deserve it!’ stated Director Clare Hasart.

As both dogs have heartworm disease, the CIHS is seeking either permanent or foster homes in which these beautiful animals can enjoy some peace and quiet, and above all – love.

Anyone interested in adopting either Jerry or Dolly can contact the Humane Society on 949-1461 or visit them at the Animal Shelter on North Sound Road.