Cayman welcomes Nickelodeon cruise

Passengers on the Nickelodeon Family Cruise with Royal Caribbean International will disembark at the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal today.

Booths from the Department of Agriculture, the Association for the Advancement of Cruise Tourism, Cayman Traditional Arts, the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, and the North Side Kitchen Band will showcase traditional arts and crafts and local produce at the terminal, said a press release.

Diego, a popular Nickelodeon character, has been a central figure in the Cayman Islands Sea School’s Summer Splash promotion, and will be the featured guest during the day’s activities.

Welcome back cards will be distributed in order to bring awareness to Cayman Islands vacation events and promotions so that visitors who enjoy their cruise excursion on island may choose to return for a longer family vacation.

‘This cruise is uniquely designed for families and is perfectly aligned with the Cayman Islands product offerings and allows us to reach a market that we are trying to own within the Caribbean competitive set,’ said Shomari Scott, acting director of tourism. ‘Our continued partnership with Nickelodeon is a useful vehicle in continually reaching families so that when travel decisions are being made The Cayman Islands are top of mind.’

The Royal Caribbean International cruise line partnered with Nickelodeon to explore the avenue of a family fun ship by introducing a seven-day cruise.