Osbourne backs FC International camp

A local politician has stepped up to help a local football organization.

MLA Osbourne Bodden agreed this week to sponsor some of FC International’s costs in hosting their annual summer camp.

Bodden did not disclose the amount of the donation. However he did say it could cover the expenses in hosting a one day mini-camp such as the one in Savannah or Cayman Brac.

Bodden, a Lion of Leos Grand Cayman and resident of Bodden Town explained his decision to help out the club.

‘I was approached by my friend Kennedy {Ebanks, President of FC Intl] to assist. After I considered the camp activities and its 14 year history I decided to get involved.’

Camp Technical Director Elbert McLean said he was pleased with Bodden’s support. He added he remains dedicated to the camp and Cayman’s youth.

‘Like I always say if it was not for this camp where would our kids be and what would they be doing?’

This week Bodden made a personal visit to the George Town mini-camp to present his cheque.

On hand to witness the occasion was Acting Deputy Director for Radio Cayman Mrs. Paulette Connolly-Bailey.

Mrs. Connolly-Bailey took time to explain Radio Cayman’s involvement with the camp.

‘We are a strong advocate of supporting our youth through positive events. FC Intl always makes sure they add the element of teaching kids other life skills besides football. This helps to enhance them in a well-rounded manner.’

The camp has traditionally featured speakers from numerous private and public sector entities.

Since its inception in 1994 speakers have come from areas such as the police force, 9-1-1 emergency services and the Red Cross.

This year’s camp has seen a host of speakers thus far including Deputy Director of Hazard Management Cayman Islands McCleary Frederick.

Frederick was present on the same day Bodden presented his cheque.

Up to this point in time the camp had telecommunications giant Digicel as its main sponsor.

Bodden added that in addition to helping an old friend in Ebanks and a former team-mate in McLean he felt the camp merited all the help he could provide.

‘Coach Elbert is a very successful youth coach. He, Kennedy and company have camps where others don’t such as Savannah, Cayman Brac and at Lighthouse school.

‘The camp is more than football. Life skills are taught and facts about drug use and other things are given by experts.

‘Youth activities and elderly assistance are two areas I assist with wherever possible.’

He also said that he hopes his donation can encourage others to assist with other youth camps.

With the George Town mini-camp over, FC Intl will next shift its focus to Savannah Primary School. A one day mini-camp will take place tomorrow.

Thereafter is a week-long mini-camp at the Kaibo Public Beach in North Side starting from Monday 18 August.

Finally the camp ends with its last mini-camp on Saturday 23 August at the Cayman Brac High School in Cayman Brac.

All mini-camps are free and run from 9am-1pm.

For more information, contact: Coach Elbert McLean on 925 7296 or FC International on 926 1993.